Manual Handling Course

Manual Handling Courses
We have 2 options of Manual Handling Course available.
Classroom based Manual Handling Course.  An instructor delivers the course at your location.
Online Manual Handling Course.  Participants complete the theory part of the course online. Note: you must complete the Practical part of the course in the presence of a qualified Tutor. Please contact us to arrange this .
Classroom based Manual Handling Course
At the conclusion of the training session participants will be able to:
  • Describe the principles of Manual handling
  • Apply the principles to identify and assess risks in their workplace and discuss
  • Apply the process for controlling risks of manual handling in the workplace

The course is suitable for personnel of all ages, that said there is a physical lifting exercise at the conclusion of the course where all participants will be required to demonstrate compliance to the above and as such will be expected to be physically capable and medically fit to do so in order to “pass” the course.

Manual Handling Course Programme:

Legislation and associated employer/employee responsibilities with respect to Manual Handling Structure of the spine , Injury to the spine , Fitness,  Ergonomics , Principles of safer moving and handling loads and  Practical(floor, bench, height pushing and pulling and team lift)

This is a classroom based course, with group discussion, practical and question paper. 

Manual for Course: 
Course handouts and Manual handling learner book included. All  Participants will receive gloves  and masks while Covid restrictions remain in place

The learners will be assessed over the day through practical demonstration and set written test at the conclusion of the session 

Certificate in Manual Handling valid for three years.

Course cost    € 35 per person   (class size min 6, max 12 participants)

Online course :

45 minutes online followed by practical assessment conducted by a QQI level 6 Manual Handling Instructor

Our Online Manual Handling Course is a 45 minute course designed to help organisations deliver training to employees at their convenience.  In order to successfully gain a certificate of competence in Manual Handling learners must complete our Manual Handling course online and then complete the practical elements of the course supervised by a certified Manual Handling Instructor. The practical element only takes 15 minutes vastly reducing the down time traditional classroom based training requires

All practical lift sessions must be completed within 60 days of your online theory only module.

For large numbers we can enroll all learners on the Online Manual Handling course and then send our Manual Handling Instructor to your premises to complete the practical lifts, saving you time and money. Contact us for more information.

Course cost  €35 per person

Certificate in Manual Handling valid for three years.

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